August 4, 2012

Famous Mortimer McFry

Famous Mortimer McFry was a very busy guy
He would say hello and immediately say goodbye
He would never stay long to visit or talk
His schedule kept him running...he would never walk
No one knew his business, no one knew his work
When he ate he used a supersonic vacuum, not a fork
The few times he would speak his voice was kinda funny
He sounded like a warp speed coffee drinking bunny
One day he was so busy that he sadly ran too far
And got a little too close to the next nearest star
That was the last we heard from that bustling little guy
The very very busy Famous Mortimer McFry

August 3, 2012

Tree Stump

Tree stump tree stump
I stand on thee
Where once stood a tree
There is now only me

July 31, 2012


When I kissed my daddy bye today
before he left for work
I was taken aback by the display
Of his furless, hairless smirk.

“What happened to your beard?” I said
Concerned that he was ill
“Did it stay in bed? Or did you shed?”
“Or take some magic pill?”

He started to laugh at my curiousness
About what was missing there
Well it’s CERTAINLY my business
What he does with his chin hair

He just wasn’t thinking, was he?
That big loveable huggable lug
I’ll miss that scuzzy little fuzzy
I’ll miss giving it a tug